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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  August 22, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a lot of extra hum-dity out there. it's a technical term. cloudy skies out there. dewpoints in the low 70s. air temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. st. mary's county, temperature, 80 degrees. here's a look at doppler the last hour. a general steady progression eastward. there are a couple thunder showers across far southern pennsylvania. associated with a cold front. driving on through later this afternoon. so passing showers and the occasional rumble or two of thunder can't be ruled out today. no crazy severe weather is expected. just keep a weather ear to the side. >> one of our colleagues just came in. he said it's gross outside. >> that's the difference between humid and hum-didity. >> tomorrow marks the first day of school for d.c. area students. back to school usually puts more cars on the road. a big construction project might
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add time to your travel. derrick ward joins us live from the 14th street bridge. derrick, people need to get ready for a traffic shift there, right? >> indeed. it's a lane change. you can see behind me that is the 14th street bridge northbound traffic coming in to the district. and we're used to traffic being slow because of construction. come tomorrow, there will be changes. it will be a little bit different than motorists are used to. the left center lane will be blocked. that means the work zone that's here now will be moving one lane to the left. it will be essentially an island of construction for motorists to get around with three to the right and one to the left. what it boils down to, is you should keep to the left if you're heading to 14th street and keep to the right on 394 north. it will affect motorists heading for 14th street and northbound 395. really if you pay attention you
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shouldn't have any issues. what happens, though, is you're going to have shorter merging distances on either side of this construction, about 1/8 mile to make your lane changes once you get past construction going north. as you said, school starts tomorrow. so it will be a little bit more traffic on the roadways than we're used to. allow yourself extra time. certainly caution is the rule of thumb whenever you're driving through a work zone. expect a little bit more adversity on the 14th street bridge coming in to the district. that's where we're live. now back to you. >> a very important heads-up. thanks, derrick. nationals fans have reason to worry this morning, plenty of reason. nationals phenom steven strasburg left last night's game with an arm injury. that hakim dermish has more. nationals phenom steven extras bevel left last night's
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game against the phillies with an arm injury. then in the fifth, dominic brown facing strasburg. he delivers a circle change. take a look here. after the pitch, strasburg looks at his arm, shakes his wrist. see it again. after strasburg delivers the pitch, grimaces in pain. he suffered a flexor tendon strain in his throwing arm. that strain is in his forearm. he'll have an mri later today. nats win, 8-1. redskins hosting ravens. a laundry list of injuries for the redskins, including donovan mcnabb and trent williams suffering an elbow injury. >> good news, it's not serious. washington loses 23-3 and falls to 1-1 in the preseason. redskins take on the jets next friday in preseason game number 3. that's your sports minute. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day.
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redskins and ravens honored a special young man before the game last night. willie phillip, the youngest survivor of the alaska plane crash that killed his father bill and former senator ted stevens as well as three others joined the teams for the coin toss. the 13-year-old was released from an alaskan hospital last week. he is still recovering from a broken ankle. his older brothers call hmm a hero. he got to scrimmage during half-time. another survivor of the plane crash returns to the washington area. jim arrived at dulles international by air ambulance from alaska. the lobbyist will continue recovery at a d.c. rehabilitation hospital. other survivors include former nasa head sean o'keefe and his son kevin. scrambled and overhard may be scarce words in diners around much of the country this morning. the nation's largest egg recall covers more than half a billion potentially salmonella-tainted eggs. as officials try to pinpoint the source of the outbreak, some are watching why government watch
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dog groups failed to crack this case. nbc's michelle franzen reports. >> reporter: at patty's restaurant in taluca lake, orders for eggs keep coming, despite the recall. the centerpiece of the all-american breakfast and key ingredient in countless recipes is at the center of a salmonella scare. >> it's in the back of my mind. i eat them sunny side, reasonably well-cooked. >> reporter: the recall involves two big farms, both out of iowa, the top egg-producing state. late friday, hill hand detail hillandale forms voluntarily recalled 170 million eggs. that, on top of 380 million eggs recalled by wright county egg. the tainted eggs date back to april, and were distributed to 22 states. >> this is a large outbreak. and it's one of the largest outbreaks of this particular type of bacteria, salmonella that we have seen in recent years.
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>> reporter: the fda says lab tests show the strain of bacteria is the same at both locations, but investigators are still trying to pinpoint the source of contamination. dirty cages or tainted feed a possibility. nationwide, more than 1,000 people have been sickened. so far no one has died. to ensure safety, the fda says make sure you cook your eggs completely. >> consumers should cook the eggs to a very firm consistency such that the yolk and the white are very firm. so no runny scrambled eggs. no runny yolks. >> reporter: but many are asking is there more the government could be doing to prevent food-borne illness. mandated an increase in salmonella testing and cleanliness policies. measures that could have helped prevent the outbreak that began in may.
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consumer advocates said the measures will only work, consumer groups say until the group has mandatory recall powers, the risk for another outbreak will continue to grow. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. none of the recalled eggs have been shipped to maryland, virginia, or d.c. 9:07. much more to come on news 4 today. she was forced from her job with the department of agriculture but shirley sherrod may soon have a new position. we'll tell you where. remember when your mother told you not to play with your food? here's what happens when thousands of it's not back-to-school,
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it's forward to what's next with a blackberry curve, samsung reality, or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.
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sherrod may be willing to accept a job offer. she has a meeting with the agriculture section next week. a blogger posted a portion of a video of her online last month seemingly making a controversial comment. the entire state was actually a lesson in overcoming racism. the white house and the naacp later apologized after first condemning her statement. sherrod said despite what happened there's still more work to be done. >> many of us haven't tried to
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impact some of the same communities, some of the same people. i think working together we can do so much more. so if what i've gone through this last month helped to push that forward, then i guess it's worth it. >> sherrod will meet with agriculture secretary tom vilsack on tuesday. his department reportedly offered her a position as deputy director of the advocacy and outreach office. a man spent 18 hours in jail for speeding. shawn pierre told news 4 he passed a driver on 295 this past june who was talking on his cell phone. pierre admits he deserved a ticket but not the 18 hours of jail time. sgli told him i take a lot of medication. i needed to be back before 5:00 to take my medication. they said no problem. and i remember getting downtown, but i don't remember arriving at
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central booking. i remember waking up at georgetown hospital. pierre has a court date september for next month. d.c. police won't comment on a case when legal action is pending. 12 minutes after the hour. pushing 80 degrees. chuck bell is here. >> it's humid. >> we couldn't even make 90 yesterday. so, you know, we are stuck with 54 90-degree days. i don't see any 90s in the near future. summer may just about be over. who said so? next thing you know the kids will be going back to school, like tomorrow. forecast is next.
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all right, chuck, you're going to love this one. mexico city is celebrating a moment us occasion. 2433 guysers shot six feet into the air, drenching hundreds of participants in sugary goo. the guysers are formed when mentos are dropped into soda, causing a chemical reaction. >> be careful. you don't want to get into any kind of contest where it takes a lot of people to do something. you don't want to compete against china.
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>> if that's what happened with soda, what happens in your stomach? >> well, that's why you should limit your intake of diet soda and mentos. >> my mom loves those things. >> so do i. i don't think i ever had an eruption in my stomach. >> too much information. let's talk about the weather, shall we? cloudy skies moved back into the area. we are stuck in the muck for much of your sunday. not a lot of sunshine coming your way. that's going to be about it, a little sliver. outside on your sunday morning, skies lightening up a little bit after a quick shower in downtown washington. moving eastbound towards the bay. one ray of sunshine might be trying to find its way on to the roof of jefferson memorial. cloudy start. 77 degrees our current temperature. a little checking back on the summer solstice.
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back on june 20th, since then we have lost 90 minutes of sunlight since june 20th. and we've lost 12 degrees of sun angle in the last two months. we're losing two and a half minutes of daylight each and every day. and that pattern will continue all the way through the fall right up until the winter solstice in december. thanks to the clouds and the sprinkles, low to mid-70s. .008. less than .10 in a lot of spots. our little showers moving on to the south side towards chesapeake beach. a few showers from brandywine, upper marlboro, charles county, la plata. one or two rumbles into far pennsylvania. this isn't going to last too terribly much longer. i'll widen the view. most of the action today is up
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to our north across pennsylvania and new york. that area of low pressure will slow down and drift southward towards the jersey shore. so we're going to be stuck with a fairly cloudy stretch around here not just for today but the next several days to come. so sunshine lovers you may actually have to leave town if you want to see sun before wednesday. the storm system really going going to slow down. that's going to impact our weather quite a bit. off and on chances for rain the next couple days. soon to be tropical storm and eventually probably hurricane danielle in the far eastern atlantic. it's a long way away for my threat to land. the earliest it might threaten north america will be late next week, early next week. area of low pressure cutting off. kind of hanging out over atlantic city for much of money into tuesday before it starts to pull out. the position of that low means we'll be on the east to
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northeasterly wind side of things. that means a lot of clouds and a risk for showers each and every day. it's not going to rain 24/7 but it will be cloudy. cloudy, warm and humid. passing showers. a rumble or two today. same story if you're headed down to the beaches. not great beach weather the next day or two. but the weather will improve after tuesday. in fact, tuesday looks like a lovely day, a real taste of autumn. tuesday's high only 75 degrees. a little sunshine back in our life. back into the 80s for wednesday, thursday, and already next friday, next weekend looking good. >> thanks. >> back to school tomorrow for kids in the district. and thanks to hard working community members, schools will have fresh improvements when students return. yesterday 3,000 volunteers lent a hand for school buf any indication day. the event started five years ago
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as a project to connect schools with neighborhoods. >> a school is only as good as the community that keeps it. so we're really excited to have such a wonderful showing of 150 volunteers here with us today supporting our school. >> the beautification project at all 100 schools in the district. buying school supplies is not cheap. the average family will spend more than $600 on back-to-school shopping. that's more than last year. liz crenshaw did the homework for you. a little comparison shopping on how to find the best deals. >> i know i need a notebook and i know i need paper. >> a backpack. some lunch boxes.
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>> pens. colored pencils. >> it's the first assignment of the new year, back to school shopping. every student has a list but not every store is equal when it comes to price. >> do you comparison shop when you do this back to school shopping? do you go store to school? what do you do? >> today i'm not. >> we found comparison shopping can really save you money. >> oh, composition books, right? let's go with a pink one here. >> with a list of popular grade school must-haves, nbc producer patty and i went on a field trip. we hit three popular stores that carry school supplies, tart, rite aid and staples. >> one pencil sharpener. after we checked out, we studied prices on prices from various
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stores. >> $1.39 for three. >> here's how much similar supplies sold for at each of the stores. if you did not stick with a traditional name brand you can save money. 24 pack of crayons by rose art, 29 cents. compare that to crayola, $1.99 at rite aid. other supplies, two-pack of scissors sold for $1 at staples. $1.42 at target. and $5.98 at rite aid. and identical for elmer's school glue for each school differed the most. 25 cents at target, 90 cents at staples and $1.99 at rite aid. when it came to the overall math, the four-item shopping list like this. rite aid, $32.28, staples, $19.83, target $19.78.
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the drugstore cost us more than $12 than discount and drug stores. in the end it's not what it costs to go back to school, though, that the kids anticipate most. >> just getting back in the hang of it. i'm getting kind of excited. >> what's the best part about going back to school. >> seeing my friends. >> what's the worst part about going back to school? >> aaron said that spiky hair on the way to the new school year. school budget cuts, many parnlths are being forced to reach deeper into their pockets. >> some new rules take effect today for gift cards. under these new rules gift cards can't expire before five years. each time you reload, the five-year clock starts again. consumers also won't get hit with a annoying hidden fees such as service or nonuse charges. they can charge you to replace a lost card but the fee has to be
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disclosed on the packaging. 9:24. still ahead, fans of the burgandy and gold are a bit blue after last night's preseason game. albert haynesworth comments after the loss has people talking. and are you taking metro today? we'll tell you about delays you'll want to hear about before
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good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kim berry suiters. it's sunday, august 22nd. a quick check on the forecast with meteorologist chuck bell. chuck, we had rain a little bit earlier this morning. still out there? >> most of the rain is left downtown at least for now. we're not completely done with our rain chances for today. if it was raining an hour or so ago and you're like i'm so not going outside in that. it's drying out. you will have rain-free hours to come before more showers and a rumble or two of thunder as an actual cold front tries to come through. it feels very thick outside this morning. an abundance of humidity. the majority of the rain is way up to your north across northern pennsylvania and new york. there are just enough rain showers around the local area to get you wet, especially prince
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george's county, upper marlboro, right along the potomac in southwestern prince george's county, la plata. we're not completely done with the rain. a little break in the action late this morning and early this afternoon. battle of the beltways turn into a bashing of the burgandy and gold. washington loses 23-3 and falls to 1-1 in the preseason. williams finished with an injured elbow. banged up and bruised skins face the new york jets next week. we'll have more highlights of the redskins second pre-season game with hakim dermish later in the hour. it's only the preseason. that means the redskins's loss doesn't matter, right? wrong. the battle of the beltways has become an intense regional showdown.
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it doesn't mean skins's fans didn't feel the pain. elaine reyes spent time with fans to get a feel for the spirited rivalry. >> reporter: everywhere you look, they're together, tailgating and taunting. in this region redskins and ravens fans love co-exist. which makes the battle of the beltways so much fun. the expectations were high for both sides. >> we're not going to give them a chance. the first half is all that matters anyway. that's when the starters play. that's who we want to see. >> ravens, 35-14. we'll let them score in the fourth quarter. >> reporter: inside fedex field the rivalry is friendly, but the competition is serious. >> it's great. a lot of purple out here tonight. he doesn't like it when i came
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down here dressed in purple but i have to support the team. >> i like both teams. i'm kind of a little divided. redskins are my number one team. >> some disappointment for redskins fans. ravens counterparts were there to rub it in. >> i'm pleased with it. i know it's a learning process. they still have to get some kinks out. it's preseason. >> a win is a win. a lose is a lose. like this place here. loses! a bad crash overnight in d.c. it happened on alabama avenue in southeast. witnesses say the driver hit several parked vehicles before the car flipped and caught fire. police pulled one person out of that burned car with minor injuries. an officer was also cut by broken glass. not badly, though. police have not said what charges they may file. a traffic alert now for anyone who has to take the 14th street bridge. ddot is setting up this weekend for a major traffic shift along
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the northbound side. crews will use the middle of the road for construction. they've been doing that. three lanes will be open on the right side now. drivers on the left will have just one side available. this is phase 4 of eight in the 14th street bridge rehabilitation project. metro riders can expect delays today as crews finish up maintenance work on several tracks. you'll find delays on the red line between new york avenue and rhode island avenue, as well as twinbrook and shadygrove. yellow, delays between braddock and the huntington stop. in the blue line, expect longer wait times from huntington to largo. >> it's 9:31 right now. still to come, are you looking for a new hobby? we'll show you a new extreme sport that's really taking off, literally. >> and how much would you pay just to get your picture taken with rod blagojevich. you won't believe what the former illinois governor is
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this morning we want to remind you that we have quite a few teenagers in the foster care system who would love nothing
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more than to be part of a family. many of them by the time they are teenagers are shy about coming on television to tell their stories and they worry about teasing from other teens. but a while back we put together a story about the importance of remembering our older children when you're thinking about adoption. news 4's barbara harrison has that story in weapodnesday's ch. >> five years ago we met a wonderful young man who at 15 was still hoping to find a permanent family. at that time he had been in the foster care system for six years. >> i want a family that cares for me. >> dion grew up in the depositor care system waiting and hoping for that permanent family. sadly, older children fall into the category social workers call hard to place. for older boys, it can be even harder to find adoptive families. >> our children over 12 are very
9:36 am
difficult to place because a lot of families that come forward are really interested in infants or young age or girls. they're not willing in some cases to give teenagers a chance. >> he said many people don't realize that most of these teens are wonderful, hard-working kids. >> how are you doing in school? >> good. >> what kind of grades do you get? >> a's and b's. >> you must work really hard? >> yeah. >> they have great aspirations for their futures. they just want the chance to have a real family. >> the type of family i would like to have is an active family. they like to go places. >> and there are kids who want finally to stop having to move from one home to another. >> you have to go to another one. it just starts over and over
9:37 am
again. >> for many teenagers it may be their last chance to find a permanent home before aging out of the foster care system at 21. >> it's so sad when a child exits out of the system without a family. the first thanksgiving comes and they have no one to celebrate it with. so we really need to find lifelong connections for these kids. >> barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for a child who is waiting, particularly the older teens, please call our special adoption hotline. that number is 1-8-2adopt me. >> 9:37. a little bit of rain. lots of clouds around the area all morning, chuck. >> we're stuck with the clouds for much of the day. although we could still get a sliver or two of sunshine before our sunday is over. a complete check of today's forecast and a look at a
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90-degree free week ahead, coming up.
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it's 9:40 right now. 76 degrees outside. but that doesn't account for the wet blank et that you have. >> no. it's really mother nature throw the old wet blanket on us this morning. it is running ahead of schedule. i thought it would wait until lunchtime. once you start specifying when
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it's going to rain today in advance, you will see lots of this. not quite. outside the rain showed up just a little bit earlier than i was hoping for. that's not going to mean a washout all day. outside right now, beautiful look from the east side of the capital looking westbound. they used to ingnawing rate on that side of the capitol dome. moved it to the west side in 1981 to overlook the mall. outside over washington, cloudy skies, hanging tough fist thing this morning. roads a little bit on the wet side. reduce your speed. 77 degrees. 73 for a dewpoint. so our highest dewpoint of the year this year as far as i can remember is 75. so this is real industrial strength florida like humidity
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out there. 88% relative humidity. southwest wind at 14 miles per hour. temperatures mid to upper 70s pretty much area wide right now. that doesn't take into account how sticky and humid. sprinkle up towards columbia, maryland. not too far away from downtown martinsburg. even hagerstown. near 80 degrees across much of the south for the morning hours. an area of low pressure driving its way into western new york cut off from the jet stream. this will play a big part in our forecast the next couple days. as the storm is slowing down, it will get slowed down by high pressure over the canadian mayor times. it's going to wobble its way
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back around, keeping us in the warm and humid air mass today. after this weather front slides on through, it will take a little bit of edge off the humidity. with that low pressure hanging around, we will be stuck for several more days to come. this needs to be watched carefully. way out in the atlantic ocean. that's tropical storm danielle in the next 24 hours and probably a hurricane after that. here is your sunday forecast for today. passing showers from from time to time. temperatures climbing into the low 80s for a brief time today. the weather does show significant signs of improving after yesterday afternoon. highs in the mid-70s with clouds around tuesday. so far looks great. >> all right. thanks, chuck. >> okay. >> back flips, under the leg bar spins, sounds like tricks from bmx, right? >>
9:44 am
try extreme pogo. held in park city, utah yesterday. 30 extreme pogoers from around the world competed. medals awarded in competitions like big air, best trick and high jump. they are judged on originality, altitude and how well they stick the landing. >> oh, no! >> this isn't your little brother's pogo stick, either. some allow jumpers to reach heights of six feet or more. >> my daughter would call that the dug bug dead bug landing. rod gla guy vich is not hanging low in the days after his corruption trial. find out where he's hanging out this weekend. and the brink of the nationals crisis. the
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we are just a couple minutes away from kicking off sunday morning politics here on nbc 4. let's get a look at what they're working on. good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, 50 years since the historic kennedy/nixon campaign of 1960. the first modern political campaignment today we look how important it was and the parallels we see in president obama's situation today. kennedy was the first. the first click, just as obama is the first african-american. why is it so different from a black president to a click. just as obama was criticized. will republicans succeed as painting obama naive even with
9:49 am
one turn. and ate split of the republican party now. join me and michelle norris for a great discussion. for a look at what's coming up on meet the press, here's david gregory. kimberly and aaron, our special focus on the midterm race. the balance of power in washington. issues that may effect how you vote. then former house majority leader republican dick army and jennifer debate the tea party on national politics and our political round table near ground zero. it's all this morning on meet the press. in his first weekend since the corruption trial, former illinois governor rod blagojevich was out on the town.
9:50 am
>> he did something he said he never dreamt of doing. >> it's like nothing we have ever seen. >> how are you? >> blagojevich was a must-see attraction at comic-con, the comic book convention is famous for action heroes. he sold photos for 80 bucks and autographed them for 50. and the fans paid up. >> people want to meet him. people want to see hill. people want to reach out and touch him. >> last week a jury deadlocked on 23 of 24 charges. a judge declared a mistrial. the jury did find him on a count of lying to federal agents. news 4's hakim dermish has
9:51 am
this morning's skins match. >> good morning, everyone. redskins got banged around and beat up against the ravens, a laundry list of injuries for the redskins, including donovan mcnabb injuring his ankle and trent williams suffering an elbow injury. but that's not all. they have plenty other problems to mend as well. washington loses 23-3. fletcher, the linebacker in the huddle, getting his guys all pumped up. that will get you going. opening drive, third and seven. mcnabb to moss for 13 yards. that looks good. and a first down. four catches for 79 yards for moss. same drive. third and 14. mcnabb. a little bit of pressure. rolls out. throws to chris coolly for another first down. that's efficient. coolly had two catches for 33 yards in the game. later in the drive, moving the chains here. third and ten. drops back deep to armstrong, the youngster makes a nice sliding catch for a 45 yard gainer. redskins in business.
9:52 am
now we're on second and goal. mcnabb. looking to the back of the end zone for fred davis. oh, fred davis, he drops it. mcnabb is like, oh, man. so they would settle for a field goal. second quarter now. after a ravens turnover, mcnabb back to work. trent williams on the left side. top of your screen. allows the sack. and then this is never good. mcnabb comes up limping. would hurt his ankle on the play. later in the day, fourth and sixth. punting it away. not so fast. snab goes to number 43. nakamura gets big-time blocks. this guy can slide here. all the way down to the one yard line. 51 yards on the play. redskins special teams coach danny smith none too pleased. ravens up 13-3. on for a field goal.
9:53 am
from 47 yards out. no, missed it. redskins trail by ten at half-time. then in the second half, mcnabb on the bench with his ankle all taped up. but it was not serious. that's good news. third quarter. hand off to jalen. busts in for the touchdown. and mike shanahan and the redskins lose 23-3. albert haynesworth, who only played in the second half, not happy about his role right now. here he is after the game. >> felt good going into third quarter. >> what happened this week? what were you told about your diagnosis? >> i don't know. i was told i had headaches or whatever. and that's why i couldn't go out and practice. i think it was a little bit more than that. i guess they didn't want to disclose that. >> what was it a little bit more? >> you have to ask them. i guess they will tell you headaches again. >> so you didn't have any thing?
9:54 am
>> that was part of it but not all of it. >> what other symptoms, albert? >> you have to ask them. >> how do they do that, though? >> make themselves look good. make me look back by not going to the off-season conditioning program. i mean, next year i'm not coming either. i'll be with my trainer again. i'll be back and feel good about myself. >> you feel like that's being held against you still? >> oh, yeah. i think so. it's all right. i don't care. i'm a football player. i still play the game. as long as i get this defense down i'll be all right. >> how do you feel about your time in there tonight? >> it was all right. third quarter, for having headaches again that's what they wanted to do. >> more drama with albert haynesworth. and, folks, that is counterproductive. talk baseball now.
9:55 am
nationals phenom steven strasburg left last night's phillies game with an arm injury. he suffered a flexor strain in his throwing arm. strasburg was making his third start since coming off the disabled list with shoulder tightness. let's go to philadelphia. bottom four is where we pick it up. strasburg cruising along, pitching to shane victorino on a 3-2 count. see ya. strasburg struck out six. nasty curveball. then in the fifth, dominic brown facing strasburg. he delivers a circle change. take a look here. after the pitch, strasburg looks at his arm, shakes his wrist. see it again. after strasburg delivers the pitch, grimaces in pain. he suffered a flexor tendon strain in his throwing arm. that strain is in his forearm. an mri later today. nationals win 8-1 but not good news right now for steven strasburg and the nationals. that's all for your morning
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sports. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. 9:56. one last check of the weather, chuck? >> plenty of clouds around. a big part of our sunday. in and out of light rain showers from time to time. here's a look at doppler. a scattering of showers across the region. some into the panhandle of west virginia. couple of showers towards marlboro, braepdwine, prince george's county. a couple sprinkles headed your way shortly. it's not going to rain everywhere all day, but it is going to remain fairly cloudy. cloudy, warm and exceptionally humid outside. so if you're going to be outside you need to be ready for a little taste of florida. temperatures may get into the low to mid-80s for a brief time today. >> a little taste of florida without the sunshine. >> just the humidity. >> thanks a lot. >> okay. and that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you spending time with us. >> wake up with us tomorrow
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morning at 4:30 in the morning. until then, have a great day, everyone.
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